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Private clinic physicians provide time, expertise

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Health | 0 comments

Vancouver Sun November 5, 2011

As Canadian politicians and health administrators look to Europe and other countries for solutions to Canada’s overall health care woes, these countries are looking right back here to Vancouver, where a private clinic is changing the landscape of family physician care.

According to Don Copeman, CEO and founder of the Copeman Healthcare Centre in downtown Vancouver, there has been great interest from Europe in what the centre is accomplishing in primary health care delivery – and disease prevention in particular.

“Countries around the world face some of the same fundamental challenges in their publicly-funded health care systems,” says Copeman. “One of the most common problem areas is delivering the right care on the front lines of medicine – in the family doctor’s office. When doctors have the right amount of time and resources available to them, it is amazing what can be achieved in eliminating costly hospital visits and medications, and preventing the onset of disease altogether.”

The Copeman Healthcare Centre opened three years ago in Vancouver amid considerable controversy because it charges an annual services fee for an allinclusive, “high end” medical service. The clinic has since been cleared by the government as not violating any provincial health legislation.

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